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Coming Soon! All the things I love as a Fashion Stylist; Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle & Travel!

With change comes great lessons. As a Fashion Stylist for nearly 20 years, I have learned so much about the business of fashion and how fast the cycle can do just that, change. If you are going to get on this ride, you better buckle up because it does not slow down for anyone (well except temporarily during a global pandemic)! I want to share with you exactly everything I know; what it takes to really make it as a freelance contractor, how to network, secure and retain clients, who to form aligned creative connections with, the importance of building a reputable brand based on your name, remaining authentic, when to hop on the growth train (answer is always), and why it is so important to stay relevant and informed on top trends of the fashion business.

With what I do know, I am still ready to learn more, yet at the same time, I am ready for some change. I think 2022 brings an immense feeling, a yearning or a shift rather, for many of us. I have learned several valuable take aways throughout my journey as a stylist, to continue to utilize those tools, move forward and manifest the career of my dreams. Don't get me twisted, I still am and will be styling, more now than ever, that said I have always loved to write and have vowed to make it a keystone of my brand from now on. Many years ago some of you may remember I did actually have a small blog ("Little Miss Fashion" lol) that I used mainly as my portfolio page for posting editorial and creative imagery of my earliest work. Not earning much of a living as a stylist at that time c. 2004/2005 I didn't think I could afford to design a website, so a free blog was the next best thing. It acted as my job tool to show photographers, models, makeup & hair artists, and editors when pitching work for submission or for a gig. I am not sure why I didn't continue on with it to make it more of a platform to share my life experiences, but they say timing is everything. So here goes! This time, I have a fire inside of me that is burning to be released.

I know we can all use some fresh content these days as IG tweaks it's algorithm yet again and our fan favourites are buried under the mass consumption of noise and products we don't really even like or need or want for that matter. I just want to write about things that are on my mind, what is happening in my business, and the things I enjoy that I think you would too. I know I can ramble on, but I think if you already follow me, you might already love that about me. So let me know! What would you like to see me write about on the blog? I welcome your feedback in a space where I can speak freely to those I know and those I look forward to getting to know more real soon!

Stay tuned for weekly blog posts on anything and everything in my life that I love and maybe even things I don't love so much, but mostly what I do. I hope you follow along, enjoy the ride, and that this allows me to offer you a bit more of what services I have to offer to you all as well. The only two things that differ from the older LMF blog to now is my age and the name. My passion for inspiring others remains. I want all of us to look and feel great on the outside, which in turn makes us look and feel awesome on the inside. That is what ultimately drives me to continue to do this. That is what fills my Choo (aka cup)!

Yours in style,

- Em

Follow me on IG @emilygraystyle for more!

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